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About Me

Hey there! I'm David Houck, otherwise known as Daveycreates. I am an artist, entrepreneur, and human. I create a lot of content for the internet, some of which is good!

I am a firm believer that creativity is a natural expression of spirituality. My goal is to create a brand and community centered around creativity, storytelling, and inspiring other artists to unlock their greatest creative potential. 

And hopefully, I'll provide some laughs along the way.

You can find most of my content on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch.

More About Me: You want more about me? Um, okay. If you haven't been able to tell so far, I'm a huge geek. I absolutely love DC, Marvel, and Star Wars, and I'm a serious lifelong Batman fan. I currently reside in Central New York.

I am also a proud abolitionist. I am incredibly passionate about combatting modern day slavery. I hope to use my brand and platform as a way to further spread awareness about this issue, as well as to raise funds for organizations actively freeing victims from the bonds of human trafficking. You can learn more about this issue through the following organizations, all of which I support:

End It Movement   |   Rescue: Freedom International   |   International Justice Mission

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